Tourist Visa Regulations


The binding visa entry rules are published under this address ans may change on short notice:


Usually, a thirty day free tourist visa is issued on arrival for all Nationalities, provided:

  • must posses a valid passport (or temporary passport or refugee travel document Art. 28 of the Geneva Convention relating to the Status of Refugees) with Machine Readable Zone (MRZ)
  • and must have at least 1 month validity
  • ALL passports: minimum 1 month validity, MUST NOT have been extended or modified
  • Have a valid ticket to continue the journey out of Maldives
  • Have enough funds to cover the expenses for duration of the stay in Maldives. (US$100 + $50 dollars per day) or a confirmation of reservation in a Tourist Resort or a Hotel


  • Caution: A tourist Visa never gives the right to work, employment, even not if it is an unpaid stage, internship or a volontary work with a NGO etc. Any commerial photographic work is prohibited for foreign nationals. Journalism counts as regular work. Commercial filming needs a prior permission. Any breach of these rules may be prosecuted and lead to detention, deportation and a longer entry ban. If you have applied for a working visa be sure that all necesary documents are ready. Immigrations department is strict on these rules.
  • Caution: Never ever use a lost and refound passport! If you registered a lost passport by local authorities, it might be invalid for travel and be stored in international immigration data bases. This might lead to immediate deportation!


  • Caution: Full thirty day visa is not a right of the passenger to claim, but lies at the discretion of the Immigration to issue not more than thirty days and any period less than thirty days.


  • Disclaimer: All decisions are in discretion of the immigration department. Any information on this website doesn´t give a right to enter Maldives. The Honorary Consul for Maldives to Germany is only responsible for Maldivian Nationals in Germany. Any informaton on this website has been reserched carefully but no warranties of any kind are given for it´s correctness. With any further questions, please contact the website of immigration or the Embassy of the Republic of Maldives in Berlin: Tel 030 300145523 and

In rare cases, during periods of deseases like swine flue, immigration publishes special entry rules for specific countries.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ):


  • Can I enter Maldives with a passport that expires in 3 weeks ?

No, for traveling to Maldives and entering as a tourist to Maldives, you need to have a valid passport which has minimum 1 month validity from the date you enter Maldives.


It has been reported that minor violations of this rule haven´t resulted in deportation of the person but the final decision is in the discretion of the immigration department


  • Can I enter MDV with a German interim passport (vorläufiger Reisepass) and how long should it be valid?

You can enter Maldives as a tourist on a “vorläufiger Reisepass”. Minimum validity of the travel document should be according to the minimum requirement of 1 month validity from the date you enter Maldives.


  • If I travel with a minor child, what kind of passport does it need?

To enter Maldives as a tourist, minor german children are required to have the "Kinder-Reisepass" or children who are older than 12 years are required to have standard German passports.


  • If I travel with a minor child that is not my own child what kind of legal document (power of attorney, representation certificate etc.) do I need from the parents / Erziehungsberechtigter/Sorgerechtsinhaber?

You need to carry a written document such as Power of Attorney or “Vollmacht” duly signed by both parents or by the legal guardians of the minor child.


Disclaimer: As the Honorary Consul for Maldives to Germany, I am responsible for Maldivian citizens in Germany. I cannot give any warranty for the accuratness, validity or absence of errors of the above mentioned website or information.

Nevertheless, I have never experienced any difficulties in entering the country if the conditions are met.


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